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I believe the higher ups would like posts linked not a thread. Something like this.
Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
LF Jester Badge
If a member has made you laugh out loud pretty hard with one of their forum posts, you can come in and recommend that they get the Jester badge. Provide a link to their post and get at least one other member (not the member you want to get the badge) to second your recommendation and that's it. That lucky person gets a shiny new badge featuring Max from Sam & Max (Only posts made on the actual forums are eligible; those made in social groups, blogs, private messages, visitor messages or other such limited audience locations are not eligible for consideration). Edit: Nominations for the Jester badge will be brought to the staff for a vote instead of being given out after two nominations.

Only Administrators and Super Moderators have the authority to hand out badges and they are so busy we canít very well expect them to wade through an entire thread.

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