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"The next one will be in your skull," he said from above. "I have you trapped pirate and now you will listen to me. You are seeking crew members and I require a ride out of here, perhaps we can help one another."

Alvaro looked up in the direction of the voice, surprised. He had not expected someone to be stalking him from the rooftops.

"Perhaps we can help one another," Alvaro said, keeping his hand on his pistol, just in case. "I'm seeking crew members for a powerful treasure, and since you need a ride, I'm willing to take you along, under one condition. You must see it through to the end with me. Once I find the treasure, or I die, then you are free to do as you please." Alvaro was about to tell the man to come closer, until another dark-haired man came up and pulled a pistol out.

"Are you Captain Alvaro Dias?" He asked carefully as his pistol was pointed at the man, "If so, I would like to join up!"

"Yes, I am Captain Dias. Please feel free to join. Also, you wouldn't have happened to see Blaze, would you? I hope for his sake he's not in any trouble."

Alvaro then turned back to the man on the roof.

"Please, get down here and introduce yourself. You seem like a capable pirate to me."

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