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((Ah, details! Sorry about that ^.^''))

"Like our jobs? I think like might be an understatement." He grinned. Mica affected an air of purpose and competance as he swaggered down the corridor, the thumb of one hand hooked through the military-issued gun belt that hung about his nonexistant hips. He noticed that women tended to be suckers for guys in uniform - especially when they were full of purpose and competance.

"Our dad is a retired fleet captain who fought against Mandalore, so we've been hanging around fleet paraphranalia since we were little. My brother had 'bout fourteen models built by the time he was seven, and I could quote the recruit handbook down to the line and paragraph." He gave an ironic grin that indicatedthe little care he gave to the rules now. "So you can probably guess that when we were old enough, we were practically banging the door down to the Academy." He looked her up and down from the corner of his eye, a little smirk forming on his lips. "Being a Bridge officer is just a plus."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Sal led the civilian group around several turns and down two lifts to the aft end of the ship, where the dormitory level was located. When they reached it, he turned away from the long hallway of dorms and went, instead, through a newly erected door to their left. It was a new addition, put in place to cordone off the civilian dorms from the rest of the service men dorms.

"Okay," he said, making an about-face and walking the last few steps backwards as he talked to them, "I hate to be the wet blanket at the party, but the captain," It was the admiral, actually, "Requests that for the duration of your stay, you obey the rules of the ship like the other service men and women aboard. That means gents down here," he indicated the left hand side of the corridor, "And ladies on my right."

As the others began to divide appropriately, he saw the Jedi coming forward and held up his hand. "Lady Jedi, he said, "We have special, seperate accommodations set up for you." As he said this, he backed through a door and made a flourishing motion to his left and right, where two more closed doors indicated a room for Juhani and Perdante each.

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