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I mentioned Crysis because it's specifically developed for single-player experience and most notorious for it's heavy hardware requirements. My bad.

An MMO is developed to last quite some years, on any type of PC. That way, it's developer can guarantee people like GTA and myself (with 'older' PC's) can still play it.

They then probably chose the cartoony style because it'll look good in low and high resolutions. People who have played WoW know what I mean. The graphics in the last expansion are FAR better then the original graphics, but because the overall design is cartoony, it all looks 'good.'

The combat in WoW is...different yes. Some classes require micro management of skills and in PvP, people buy special mouses with more buttons so they can map specials skills to those buttons. It's insane that such a thing is needed to get an edge. And I agree with you on this point.

However, Guild Wars proved it can be done different as well. I loved that game for it's simple, yet extremely tactical use of skills.

Overall, I hope I didn't make the impression to be annoyed by your thread, it's simply a thing we've been debating here since the start so I've got a clear opinion on it.

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