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Originally Posted by bergqvistjl View Post
So, ive decided to try and get the 1992 CD edition of loom, which i gather was the 2nd version of the game (on CD, as opposed to floppies) for the PC. What I would like to know, is did they ship it in the original box (i.e. NOT a White label re-issue, like they did with MI1), with all the accessories as per the floppy version, i.e. so like the image below, but with the floppies replaced with the CD? because so far all the versions i've found on ebay seem to be just the jewel case (I know thats quite a common occurance regardless, but still its good to be sure.

Also, I think i saw a version on the web of the CD-ROM version, boxed but the box style was different, instead of the box coming apart in two with a seperate front and back, like most lucasarts games of the time, the box in the image I saw was made with thinner cardboard, with flaps at the top and bottom, and the top and bottom was white. Might shed some light onto things.
If you can, get a hold of the Japanese FM-Towns release of Loom, in addition to the PC CD version. It's a bit hard to track down, but it pops up on eBay from time to time. It's not a native PC game, but you can play it easily with ScummVM. The game itself comes in both English and Japanese, so there's no language barrier.

The FM-Towns version is a 256-color VGA CD version, like the PC CD, although some of the art is slightly different. However, it's very different content-wise from the Loom PC CD.

For starters, it has all the original dialogue and cutscenes from the original floppy disk version intact; the PC CD release rewrote and abridged the dialogue/cutscenes, so as to fit all the voice recordings on one CD audio track. Also, it includes all the character closeups from the 16-color floppy version (but in VGA!), which the PC CD omits because the static portrait heads looked funny when given real voices.

Plus the Loom FM-Towns port includes CD-quality audio tracks of all the Tchaikovsky Swan Lake music that was in the floppy version. The PC CD, on the other hand, only plays music during cutscenes, so most of the game is silent. Of course, there's no voice acting in this version, but it's very much made up for by all the other features I just listed.

They're definitely different experiences, but complementary. I'd say neither one of them is really a "superior" version of Loom.

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