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@Astro--I learned something new--I thought wireless n could also do wireless b/g.
Thanks for the compliment on professionalism. We had so much info to cover it was very hard to decide what to cover and what to cut. I also had to work at _not_ getting every pause and 'uh' out of there--I just didn't have enough time to make it as perfect as possible and still get it released in a timely manner. Darth Groovy's also much faster with the one-liners than I am.

Originally Posted by BokkenBlader56 View Post
Rated "It was awesome," just for "I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

The first time I heard him say that when I was editing, I had to stop the editing program to laugh.

From MST3K's spoof of "Hercules Unchained"--heard as Roman medic soldiers carry off an unconscious Greek Hercules on a 1950's Army green canvas stretcher: "Hi, we're IX-I-I. Did somebody dial IX-I-I?"

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