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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
The thing I'm worried about with TOR is this:

How long is it going to be before the roleplay goes down the toilet, from "Master, I wish to learn more about the Force. How does breaking one chain of events affect all others?"


"B3iNG 4 J3d1 1s s0 k3WL"

What's your theory on how long it will take for most of the players to get from point A to point Z? That's what pretty much ruined EverQuest for me.
You want my theory on this or someone else's??

Well, I reckon player dialog with NPC's will remain consistent for a good long while if I was to geuss.

Originally Posted by mstr kenobi View Post
i have to say,with bioware doing mass effect, a real time tps ,and the deceived trailer,i thought they could have TOR as a huuuuge sw:battlefront with typical mmo stuff in between, and that would hook me instantly... i don't know if that is close to what the op was going on about!!

but that was just wishfull thinking on my part...
That's exactly what I was on about!!

The battles being a little more objective based than just deathmatches all the time of course.

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