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JK2 Modeling

Alright, I know this is an old game, and someone is bound to think "WHat the hell are you doing modeling for JK2?" but I don't care...
Alright, I've been playing JK2 again for a little while, but I can't find a decent skin/model to use that's to my liking.
So I was going to make my own, and since I model in JK3, I figure I could do it...

Well, I wasn't able to find the JK2 Skeleton, but found Psyk0's post about all I had to do was rename that one bone and it would work for JK2.
So I did this, and I weighted the model like I always do for JK3...
When I went to go and make the model.glm file, though, things got a little weird.

I've followed some tutorials the best I could, and they say when you hit the "B" if there is an error, it'll tell you so that you can fix it.
Well, it says there is a process error, just 1. But it doesn't tell me WHAT it is.
I can't figure out what this error is, or how to fix it, so I can't really do anything else...

All it says in the file that it made is this;

$aseanimgrab_gla models/players/_humanoid/_humanoid.gla
$aseanimconvertmdx_noask models/players/_humanoid/root

I don't know if the error is in this, and I just don't realize it, or if there is some error that I can't find.
So I was wondering if someone could either help me work this thing, or if they could try and make the model.glm.
Or, if the weighting is wrong... if someone could just weight this model and everything for JK2?

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