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Zen was somewhat startled by Perdante's voice. He turned his head in the direction and waited to see what she had to say to him. He knew her words were truly meaningful and were also attempt to make him feel better. Whichever he took it as it was still enough for him to open the door and look at her. Just then Juhnai arrived as well and offered to spar with him. Once again the Jedi and brought him back to reality from his current state of mind.

"My apologies to both of you. Its just when I was referred to as an it I was deeply offended. In my culture naming is very important to us so to be called an it or someone without a name is a great dishonor. In my rage I forgot that the human is still afraid of me and that is why he referred to me as an it."

He was about to say something to Sal but he darted off in a hurry.

"It would be an honor to spar with you Jedi Knight Juhani," he said to her.
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