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Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
Any idea how insurance will cover it? And why didn't the Smoke Alarms go off? I hate to be that guy who shouts "sueee!!111!1!" but aren't they the responsibility of the apartment/town home owners (I could be absolutely wrong on that).
Insurance will cover our upholstered furniture (our couch and beds), some of the **** upstairs (where the smoke damage was concentrated), and pay our drycleaning bill. They haven't said why the smoke alarms didn't make a peep, and since they are infact hardwired into our electricity, they are indeed the responsibility of the apartments, as is the fact that the building wasn't up to fire code for not having firewalls between the units.

Also, we got the rest of our stuff out of the townhouse and we got a chance to talk to the manager. She says that there is a waiting list for the apartments, which we knew. What we didn't know was that, after being homeless for a week and a half, WE'RE NOW AT THE BOTTOM OF SAID WAITING LIST!!! So because some ******* decided to let his kids play pyro, we've been thrown out so THEY don't **** anyone else into waiting for a place to live.
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