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Originally Posted by s-island View Post
The FM-Towns version goes for crazy amounts. Crazy, I say!

The CD-ROM version of Loom has a slightly different box in that the the box itself is white with a slipcover containing the original cover art. Basically it looks like the box of the floppy version, but with white top and bottom. It looks like your version came with the hint book as well which was not included with every copy...

The only differences I can remember from the box contents is that the game comes on one CD in a slipcover and the audio drama comes on a second CD in an almost identical slipcover (instead of a cassette). The CD version of the audio drama also includes all its music isolated from the speech and sound effects.
OK Thnanks, you've cleared the box issue up for me. I Think i'll get a 3.5 version and just pop the CD in that box as well.

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