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((Thanks for the heads-up, Alkonium! I have edited my post accordingly.))


Ten minutes before the Millennial was set to launch, Perdante stepped away from the men's dormitory and finally went to see Captain Starr. She did not mind that Zen was going to be sparring with Juhani. In fact, the Jedi Knight rather welcomed the idea. Everyone could use a refresher on their combat skills, especially sans lightsaber. After all, Khristoff and his followers did not use the Force, and so the Force would not be the most effective weapon to use against them. Smoothing down her wrinkled robes, Perdante entered the cockpit where Captain Starr was waiting. She seemed to be checking the dashboard for anything amiss, low, or malfunctioning. Good plan.

Perdante cleared her throat. "Captain Starr? You wished to see me, ma'am?"
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