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Caboose decided to back away very, very slowly when Zen began to vent, and chose to stay quiet for the moments afterward, his weapon clutched tightly and ready to run away. He almost sighed a sigh of relief once Zen calmed down and agreed to spar with Juhani, though he chose to keep holding his breath. His moment of salvation came when Perdante stepped away to probably go somewhere important, which was enough reason for Caboose to follow her and hopefully not come across any more scary aliens.

When Perdante and Caboose reached the bridge, the latter not saying much because he was not very good with women and because his friend Church had told him that there are no nice women, the blue armored space marine was in awe. He was not in awe of the discipline of the other crew members, beyond the antics of two of the officers the group had already met, nor was he even at awe of all of the shiny buttons, though he did definitely want to push them randomly later on. No, Caboose was in awe of the captain.

Beyond a homicidal mercenary who punched him in the head when he slept, a girl who was probably so infested with disease that just looking at her made Caboose uneasy, and a tank with a female personality, Caboose hadn't had much real interaction with girls at all over the past few years. Sure, there were the weird women who he'd met just within the past few hours, but they didn't appeal to him. The captain however, with her beautiful beauty was different. In this case, Caboose was willing to quote a person he really didn't like.

“Bow chika bow-” *BANG!* “OW! OW! OW!!!!!!!” Caboose shouted when he literally, and quite accidentally, shot himself in the foot with his sniper rifle. “NOT MY OTHER PINKY TOE!”

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“We are agreed Admiral. We will gather the information necessary to convict her. If we discover that the due process will result in too much collateral damage, then we go with the assassination option.” Meta replied. Meta himself did not dislike politics because of the process, but because of all the baggage, such as this situation, that came with it. Monarchy, oligarchy, republic, they were all the same in that sense. “If you'll excuse me Admiral, I would like to begin the investigation of this matter immediately, starting with the politician's contacts such as family and sponsorship. Atton, if you'll follow me, I think the I have my own officer here for the duration of the investigation. Or was that in the other building Admiral?”

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