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The US Army is not the only force there. We just get the most press. If we're going to go on "if" it would have been better if Iraq had just continued to comply with UN resolutions. It would have been better if Iraq never invaded Kuwait. It would have been better if a lot of things had not happened, but they did. The "mistake" is in how the reporting portrayed this incident.

On March 20, 2003, a United States-organized coalition invaded Iraq, with the stated reason that Iraq had failed to abandon its nuclear and chemical weapons development program in violation of U.N. Resolution 687. The United States asserted that because Iraq was in material breach of Resolution 687, the armed forces authorization of Resolution 678 was revived. The United States further justified the invasion by claiming that Iraq had or was developing weapons of mass destruction and stating a desire to remove an oppressive dictator from power and bring democracy to Iraq.
Is that the UN resolution you are talking about?
However, according to a comprehensive U.S. government report, no complete, fully functional weapons of mass destruction have been found since the invasion.[51] There are accounts of Polish troops obtaining antiquated warheads, dating from the 1980s, two of which contained trace amounts of the nerve gas cyclosarin, but U.S. military tests found that the rounds were so deteriorated that they would "have limited to no impact if used by insurgents against coalition forces." Iraq was also home to 1.8 tons of low-enriched uranium, miscellaneous other nuclear materials, and chemical weapons paraphernalia; the nuclear material was under the supervision of the IAEA until the beginning of the war.
They have completely stopped to comply With UN resolutions...

To that we can add that it's not the UN who send troops to Irak:*

sans mandat de l'ONU
in English=

without UN mandate
So even if they wasn't developing nuclear weapons, that was to the UN to act, not to the US. And even if it wasn't only the US it was mainly the US who start it. So maybe it would be better if the US stop acting by their selves all over the world, just because THEY think they have to "brought peace, freedom, justice, and security (to their (not) new empire)" to the world.

So even if I don't doubt the medias have disfigured this incident, it doesn't change the fact that maybe there shouldn't have been an US invasion at the beginning, only over suspicions.

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