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Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
....And even if it wasn't only the US it was mainly the US who start it. So maybe it would be better if the US stop acting by their selves all over the world, just because THEY think they have to "brought peace, freedom, justice, and security (to their (not) new empire)" to the world.

So even if I don't doubt the medias have disfigured this incident, it doesn't change the fact that maybe there shouldn't have been an US invasion at the beginning, only over suspicions.
Rhetorical Question: what's the difference between a cease fire agreement and a peace agreement? When a cease fire agreement is broached, the war reignites by default. It's not necessary to declare a new one (ie "start" one). Fact is, even N & S Korea are still at war (which better explains a lot of the N's behavior). The whole inspection regime from 1991-2003 was a joke. The Iraqis always knew when the IAEA was coming and where. We'll likely never really know what might have been found otherwise.

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