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in the eyes of the hunter: tales of the bounty hunter lern Alviin

During KOTOR on Nar Shaddaa: A bounty hunter takes a new mission

The piece has a lot of the same problems you have displayed before. No characterization, no description, and extremely short.


Post TSL: Atton finds his mind wandering

The piece was interesting in that everything is inside Atton’s head. He is attracted by the sleeping woman, but he’s both afraid she will say yes, and afraid she will say no.

HK tell little jokes

During TSL: Yeah, you can die laughing

The piece starts out amusing, each character telling jokes, and the Sith assassins falling into the banter right up to the point where they die by thermal detonator. Atton’s Mandalorian joke I think was the best of the lot.

Dark Changes
The Lady Revan

Pre KOTOR on Deralia: A little housekeeping.

The piece starts of slowly with a few friends in a new place. The change is so swift that there are four dead bodies even before you realize it. The end crips and neat.

Pick of the Week

Result of Mandalore's death
The Lady Revan
Pre KOTOR: Revan takes a break, and Saul Karath chafes.

The piece was idyllic in it’s own way. The war is almost over, and Revan takes a little break, which drives Karath crazy because he wants to finish the job.

Each character is well defined, and the relationship between Malak and Revan before KOTOR clarified making the subsequent betrayal that much more shocking.

The Darkness Endures
Criann Onasi

Beginning of KOTOR, Alternate Universe: As Lord Revan goes down to Taris to hunt Bastila, Malak strikes.

The piece brings them all together at the beginning but in a skewed form. Revan is still dark Lord, Bastila is hiding alone, and Carth a prisoner. An interesting take on the scenes we know.

Straying from the Light
Writers Ambition

Pre Clone Wars: A failed Padawan chooses the dark Path

The piece is abrupt in it’s transition. The young man having failed his third trial, being left by his master who had become a council member, goes Columbine and decides to kill everyone.


Other KOTOR characters

David Gaider

Originally posted March 3, 2006: That review is below

After the Star Forge is destroyed, and the Republic celebrates, Revan decides what she wants in life.

David Gaider is an anomaly among us. He works for Bioware, and wrote this piece at the request of fans he knew. He immediately disclaims a lot of things. He denigrates his own work more than the most vicious critic.
Yet 34 readers gave it a thumbs up. 21 reviewed it.
Not bad, eh?

Reprise Pick of the Week

Ask HK 47

Originally posted October 28, 2005: That review is below

A parody with HK from KOTOR fame as an advice columnist.
While I thought the ‘just kill him’ attitude HK always displays would pall, it is remarkable funny. One of four in a series.

Reprise Pick of the Week

When All is Said and Done

Originally reviewed 10 March 2006; That review is below

In the interim after KOTOR. While being interrogated Ciara (Once Revan) is forced to reminisce about the events of the voyage including emotional attachments.

Well written, mixing the drama of the events, the humor and romance of memories, with a full blown court of inquiry style interrogation.
Excellent work.

Reprise Pick of the Week

A Bad Day in Paradise

Post KOTOR: The old crew from Ebon Hawk search for Revan, and find a garbage chute.

The piece is action packed, and the mix of stand to the death, and ‘run away’ is outrageously funny.

Pick of the Week

Jabba's Palace - Original Cut

Set in ROTJ: What if these two droids had been there instead…

I wasn’t sure what to think when I started. HK47 and T3 instead? Then the action began and I was hooked. The same scenes we know so well, but with HK as the protocol droid with his satirical commentary on everything from Luke Skywalker to the director. Boba Fett defending his present employment because he had to pay the bills, and the face (And life) saving decision, hey, let’s cast them in a video game instead!

Pick of the Week

May the Farce Be with You

During KOTOR: A scene I would have loved to see.

The regular characters delightfully skewed. Vrook being told by someone that he has a twin sister (Kreia) Mission deciding to nickname Zaalbar Chewie, Bastila starring in a loop ala Princess Leia, and all of it a dream caused by fried gizka.

As always Jiara makes me want to laugh out loud.

Pick of the Week

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