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Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
They have completely stopped to comply With UN resolutions...

To that we can add that it's not the UN who send troops to Irak:*

in English=

So even if they wasn't developing nuclear weapons, that was to the UN to act, not to the US. And even if it wasn't only the US it was mainly the US who start it. So maybe it would be better if the US stop acting by their selves all over the world, just because THEY think they have to "brought peace, freedom, justice, and security (to their (not) new empire)" to the world.

So even if I don't doubt the medias have disfigured this incident, it doesn't change the fact that maybe there shouldn't have been an US invasion at the beginning, only over suspicions.
1 a NEW UN mandate was not necessary as the old cease fire was already breached
2 Quit calling us an empire. An empire would not give the country back to the people of that country along with a substantial amount of work and cash.
3 You are also forgetting the FACT that Iraq was also firing weapons at OUR aircraft that were enforcing the "no-fly" zones.
4 We are NOT acting by ourselves. nor are we enforcing anything that we were not already asked to enforce.
5 If the UN doesn't want the US to be a major part of anything then it needs to quit using our soldiers to do it's dirty work. Granted, then it would just be a big debate forum where it would effectively have the same clout as Lucasforums.

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