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Wink finally ... it was about time ... heh heh

Originally Posted by ZacO32 View Post
hey guys i have a problem with the mod i have o to the part where shadow and i are in the cave before the korroban wastes and she she just fated and haveing her flash back on the orion and just before she gose to see the captin the game crashed i have reinstaled the game and the mod and still nothing has fixed it is there anyway i can fix this problem ?
well after tinkering for hours with some scripts-dialogs looks like I figured out a way to go on playing after the crash to desktop in this instance (after waking up with Kobayashi in the Orion for 1 time, right after ending the mining tunnels module), as few people reported ... it won't be exactly a 'clean' bug fix but it might work for someone else besides me ...

if anyone interested shot me a PM 'cause some files are needed to do it ...

by the way, I'll post later my impressions when I finish the mod but this is really ... UNBELIEVABLE ... the scope-size of this ... I'm simply speechless ...

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