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Darasuum's storyline

chapter 12: Seeds of a Crew

There were currently only four men on the jetty next to Dias' dingy, Nathaniel, Clarke, Red Death, and Dias. They were still waiting on Blaze and the crew he was hiring. At that moment, they were approached by three sailors, two of them looked to be middle aged or so, and the other looked to be around 20. They looked as if they wanted to join up. Nathaniel asked the captain, "These gentlemen look eager to join our meesly crew. We will need several more men to man our ship if we are to effectively sail her. I will take our new 'recruits' along with Clarke and this assassin over to the ship." And with that, they left Dias alone on the docks.

(Ping: I left your character to rap up everything else you need to on Port Royal because frankly, I believe we should get to the ship all ready and get the story moving along. Holty and CN, if you have any objections to coming aboard the ship, you could stay ahore or just PM me to edit it.)
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Darasuum's storyline

chapter 13: The Chase

Blaze and his companions did indeed find a covered wagon behind the inn and hopped on, "I hope no one minds I take this. I probably won't return it, but then again, I am a pirate!" The wagon was being pulled by a black mare named Shadow who Blaze found to be very fast. they rode off to what was left of the Black Anchor Tavern. Apparently, it didn't have as much damage done to it as Blaze thought it had. The upper floor's roof was still burning and was in ruins but people were still going about their drinks on the lower floor. Blaze hopped off of the wagon and strolled over to the tavern where he saw three drunks sitting at a table telling jokes and tall tales to one another. He reconized two of them to be some of the men he fought in the bar earlier that evening, one of the men with the dagger and the other with the blade. The third man was a new face, but Blaze figured that three more men to join the crew wouldn't hurt, that would make twelve men in all, plus the three men just recruited on the docks that he didn't know about yet.

Blaze motioned for them to go over to the wagon, which they did, but then he caught the eye of a squad of seven Redcoats. "You there," the Redcoat said, "Weren't you the man who started the brawl here at approximately 11:39 PM this very night?"

Blaze thought to himself, "Oh no, I shouldn't have come back!" And motioned to the men on the wagon that he needed their help. they tossed him a blunderbuss which was already on the wagon and he shot it into the squad which bought him just enough time to hop onto the wagon, but the confusion didn't last for long. Blaze pulled out the last of his stinkpots from his satchel and threw it buying just enough time for the horse to pull the wagon down the streets. the soldiers continued to chase after them and to slow them down even more, Blaze grabbed a knife from one of his men and threw it at one of the soldiers, killing him almost instantly. Just as Blaze thought they were safe from the squad, the Redcoats mounted horses and began to ride after the wagon. One of the soldiers jumped off of his horse and on to the wagon. Blaze pulled out his sword, and after a brief duel knocked the man off the wagon. One of his companions finished loading the blunderbuss and he shot it once more into the crowd slowing them down more. The wagon neared the port gates and bursted down the doors. They were nearing the water and it seemed like it was a dead end, when Blaze had an idea, a brilliant yet stupid idea that just might work. he remembered hearing that wagons were just like boats and could float in the water, so, even though it was a tight fit, he unhitched Shadow and had her leap up onto the wagon just as it landed in the water. Sure enough, it did float and went in direction of Dias' Frigate moored in the shadows. The squad rallied more men though who began piling up in the jolly boats with guns and sabres. "Haul the wagon up!" Blaze yelled to a crewman on the ship and dropped down a harness strong enough to lift a wagon with seven men and a horse onaboard. Soon, they were safe aboard the ship.

"Men, load round shot in the swivels and fire at the boats! We will have a hell of a problem if they board us!" Blaze yelled as he led Shadow down to the livestock pen. "And get that wagon down bellow, I will sleep in there after I furnish it."

"Glad you made it Blaze!" Nathaniel said popping his head up from the gun deck, "That was quite a display you put on back in port!"

"Thank you old friend, we still have some work to due though before we set out. We have to stock the ship with supplies, hire more crew, and most importantly, find the captain!"

"Your right, I was about to go to shore and see if I can find Alvaro anywhere. Something tells me this will be a long night." And with that, Nathaniel walked in the direction of one of the rowboats.

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