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Zen took out his energy sword while he followed Juhani. His sword was able to block a lightsaber's hit and was just as deadly as it. Since the Found wanted the Jedi alive he had the modify his blade so he couldn't accidentally cut the Jedi when he fought them. He was able to modify it by pressing a button on the handle which would disrupt the plasma causing it to stun rather than to kill. It would still be able to block a lightsaber even if it did look a little unstable but it was guaranteed he wouldn't be able to kill any Jedi as long as the button was pressed.

Zen walked into the gym and pulled out his sword one more time. He pressed the button with his left hand and then gripped the sword with his right. He slid his left hand on the across the sword as the blade as activated in a very calm manner. This was a stance he liked to take when he did spar with someone. He went into a defensive position and looked over at Juhani.

"You will have to forgive me if I am a bit rusty, however you will soon learn why the Sangheili are a proud warrior race. Your move Jedi Knight Juhani." Zen readied himself for whatever she had planned.
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