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Juhani saw the sword coming up toward her and instantly brought her lightsaber up in a position to deflect the blow before bringing up her leg and using the force to enhance her kick, kicked him directly in the stomach.

She then force jumped backward so she could have a little warning before his next attack came. I've never fought someone who could avoid that last attack. Perhaps it would be best if I called this duel to an end.

"Any other volunteers before we take a speeder to the Iridium Complex? That's where most lower politicians work. The higher ones, such as Plina Skelch, have offices in the Senate."

Atton was slightly suprised. He thought that all politicians worked in the senate. Then again he didn't really like politicians and they in return didn't like him.

"We should be careful while heading down there. Who knows what kind of reception we might get if we head down there asking questions."
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