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CH 2-square one

"the layout of this ussuve's base is simplistic. a small warehouse has an underground tunnel dropping in the the underlevels of coruscant. the defenses are heavy. anti air turrets prevent cave ins or airdrops. war droids guard the warehouse alongside the spaceport muscle. in order to get to him alive, you will need to pierce the warehouse, disable the AD towers, get the elevator codes, and take the elevator to his office on the top floor, 500 kilometers above the ware house. remember, he is wanted alive." said natalie
lern grabbed his ion carbine, his mandalorian blaster pistol, and his knife.

ussuve's warehouse

"hostiles detected. initiating assasination protocols." announced a HK-51 assassin droid the HK51 shot down its subordinates. the droid aimed at lern.
"unknown entity detected. query: what is your funtion?"
"ok.....................i am a hunter......"
"query:hunter? is your vocabulator malfuntioning? i am HK-51, assassination droid."
"well.....i guess i count as an assassin."
"query: what are you doing in this warehouse?"
"i am hunting a crime lord who uses this warehouse to house the access codes to his base."
"query:may i join you?"
"statement: i am a defective droid. i find no enjoyment in hunting political enemies of my employers. i find enjoyment in hunting armed opponents. senators never draw a mandalorian assault rifle."
"alright then. i am your new master then?"
"answer: yes....master."
"your first orders: wreak havok in the hk warehouses. here." lern gave 51 the ion rifle.

"hudrow. send in the prototypes to deal with our hunter and our traitorous droid."

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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