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In honor of the new tOR game, I think we should begin discussing Revan from his mysterious origins through his journeys in the outer regions (I really like this thread because it is kind of an ongoing discussion with no limits)

Origins: No one really knows where Revan comes from, it could be anywhere from Taris to Naboo, to planet Vulcan, or even to Middle Earth for all we know. His programmed identity states that he is from an urban planet similar to that of Nar Shadda on the border of the outer rim and the Unknown Regions. It will always remain a mystery from where he was born, perhaps he felt the call of home just as Kreia stated in her journeys with the Exile. Maybe his home world was a disturbing piece of his past he wished to return to as a sort of goodbye, or maybe he was even from Drummund Kaas itself.

Name: Nobody actually knows Revan's real name besides himself, Bastila Shan, and his other companions. This was one aspect he liked to keep to himself.

Jedi: At a young age, Revan became a Jedi. Whether his parents gave him up to the order or he decided to join himself, is unknown. Around the age of four is most likely the age he joined up. After training under master Vandar on Corosaunt, he became a youngling, and around the age of nine or ten, he met the young Bastila Shan who was a few years younger than he was. Given Bastila's knowllege and "premature" feelings of Revan in the game suggests that they once knew each other. Though this is just my guess, it is very possible because it would be most obvious that they were once friends. It is also probable that Bastila agreed to love Revan on the Star Forge because I garantee you if they had just met back on Taris and had no previous contact, she wouldn't have turned good. These are just my theories.

Mandalorian Wars: Since Revan acted about 28-30 in KOTOR, it is safe to say he was about 19 or so when the Republic first joined the Mandalorian conflict. He and his cloe friend Alek left Dantooine without the council's approval to fight their crusade against the Mandos. He, along with the Jedi Exile and Alek, obtained many victories on Onderon, Dxun, Taris, Telos, and Mandalore. In one battle, Revan and Malak chased what was left of a Mandalorian battle fleet to their base on the lush Jungle planet of Malachor V. After destroying the Mandalorian pressence there, Revan's fall began.

Road to the darkside: Revan and Alek took Malachor V from the Mandalorians and stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient academy known as Trayus, and converted it into a Republic bunker. One day, a Mandalorian liberation fleet under command by Mandalore the Ultimate himself launched an Attack on Malachor personally. Revan sent the Exile back to the Republic for supplies and came back with many ships which crushed the Mandalorian fleet which scattered. After a long duel between the Revanchist and Mandalorian leaders, Revan stood victorious. The Mandalorians began evacuating troops off the surface and The Exile ordered Luitenant Bao-Dur, the head techniction of Revan's army, to activate a doomsday weapon called The Mass Shadow Generator which compressed all of the Mass Shadows on a planet into a small orb so much that it would explode turning the entire planet inside out and turning every creature left on the surface a Shadow Beast. If activated a second time, it would destroy the whole planet. only one Mandalorian ship survived the blast and escaped into the outer regions. Revan and Alek took a single frigate to pursue to ship but lost it, stubling upon a lost world known as Drummond Kaas. They were honored as guests by the Sith Emperor who corrupted their pure minds by convincing them to return to the Republic as a vanguard for his return. He gave them three Sith built cruisers and some of his best men and with their new ships and their old one, returned to the Republic. To avoid suspision, he left his ships off of Malachor and returned to Dantooine where they found a star map which led to more on other planets which ultimately led to the finding of the Star Forge. After making dealings with the Elders and eventually betraying them to help the Black Rakata, Revan began using the Star Forge to clone his ships and corrupting the Revanchist soldiers that served with him during the Mandalorian Wars and even more Republic troops and Officers. Revan had plans of turning this into his own personal empire.

Sith: After corrupting many Star Systems to join his Alliance, Revan and Malak built an invincible armada from the Star Forge and commanded what was once 1/3 of the Republic fleet along with many more ships being built by the hour. He felt that his final victory against the Republic would be a siege of Corosaunt itself, so he ordered a rendevouz with Malak to combine their fleets at an asteroid belt in the mid rim. Instead of assisting his master, Malak betrayed him and fired upon his flagship "killing" his master. At the same time, a small republic strike force consisting of three frigates and a shuttle full of Jedi Boarded Revan's ship attempting to capture him but Bastila managed to salvage his body. Thus was the end of Revan's reign and Malak took control of his former master's empire.

Redeemed. The Jedi Council thought it was best to erase his memory in hopes he would become a lowly officer aboard a starship, but things took a turn for the worst when his ship was ambushed over the planet of Taris a bout a year after his demise. Revan, called by his birth name at this point, managed to escape the burning ship with his friend and fellow officer, the ship's captain, Carth Onasi. They stayed on Taris for several days while they searched for Bastila Shan, and along the way met new friends such as Mission Vao ad her friend Zaalbar along with the droid T3-M4 and Canderous, a Mandalorian mercanary and war veteran. They escaped in his employer, mafia leader Davik Kang's flagship Ebon Hawk to Dantooine where they were given orders by the council to take the ship and it's new crew to follow in Revan's footsteps after stumbling upon ruins in a grove which housed a star map. They were also given orders to have Juhani, a Cathar padawan, to join Revan and Carth's crew (they were join captains of the mission along with Bastila Shan). They also recruited the help of HK-47 on Tatooine and Jolee Bindo, a grey jedi from Kayshyyyk. After being captured by Darth Malak and learning his identity, Bastila was captured and after finding the last star map they found Rakata Prime and destroyed the Star Forge and turned Bastila back to the light side. He was honored as a hero from this point on.

Aftermath: Nothing is really known what heppened to Revan after the star forge. Some say that he left for the outer regions and was killed, others say he returned after finding whatever it was he was looking for. I like to think that he returned to be with Bastila, but there is still a chance he died out there. He was either looking to make peace with his past on his homeworld, trying to destroy the remnents of his and Malaks forces, trying to hunt down the Mandalorian ship he never had a chance to find, or challenge the Sith Emperor. Perhaps it was even a mixture of everything.He did manage to stall the invasion back another three centuries, but the Republic was not ready for such a devastating blow. what happens next will be answered in my following report.

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