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Originally Posted by Ascovel View Post
All the bugs fixed (including problems with the elusive Domino dialog in Year 3) is the only change I would like to see in an SE. The character models are great as they are.
Yeah I agree the character models are good even in low poly just because it suits what it the game is about and the art direction, but even then I would just love to see things smoothed out. It wouldn't make a ton of difference on the skeletons to maybe have suits with slight wrinkles around the edges and sleeves that weren't boxes, but it would sure make a great difference to Glottis for instance, who could really use some smoothing out.

Hell, I would love for most people to still talk and express with the swapping out of the facial maps, because while it's a simple trick I would still love that sort of thing in a higher poly character.

I would prefer EMI to be completely remodeled though. I think all the characters looked poor and it's not really something higher polys would fix in my opinion.

Also on the cut Domino dialog... is it confirmed that was suppose to appear then? I've read it and it always seemed to me that it was cut purposefully because it revealed too much too soon if I recall, but maybe that is not the case?

And the best part of a Grim Fandango SE would maybe be someone including all the original concept art. That would be lovely. I think all the stuff Peter Chan did for it is amazing. Those pencil/charcoal drawings are ace. Even the stuff in the leaked Grim Fandango design document should go in this hypothetical gallery.

Originally Posted by Ascovel View Post
On a somewhat related note, much more to a SE or a GF2 I'd prefer someone getting out Insecticide Part 2, or a completely new Insecticide game. Part 1 brought me back a lot of fond memories of playing Grim.
Yeah, that would be ideal. It sucks were all stuck with the second half of the game on a tiny DS screen with the graphics cut back so much. Too bad it looks like this is never going to happen.
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