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Who is teaching my history class? Well, she has a phd in colonial history, went to priceton for grad school, and was a college proffessor.

Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
I've been homeschooled since third grade

(Sorry if you see this as editing this post, but I am no longer homeschooled.

I would not have considered the addition a problem had you not edited the part that I edited. Do not edit what a moderator has edited or added. Should you have a problem with it contact the moderator or another member of the staff.

Moderator note [07-04-2010 10:14 PM]

Det. Bart Lasiter is right and here I thought the detective title was honorary. So one of these two post are Spam, Iím guessing it is this one since a PHD in colonial history sounds a little too convenient. Plus a PHD teaching junior high/high school does not sound economically sound. Please stop posting spam, contribute honestly or donít contribute at all.

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