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Happy holiday to all. We, along with the rest of the world, may be in the time of trouble and uncertainty, but all of us as Americans need to realize that America is a nation of overcoming the impossible. Our country was founded by some of the smartest people that have ever lived, and their values are still instilled in our daily lives. Even though many of us have lost faith in our country's government due to disagreement of policy or whatever the reason(s), we must all remember that the will of the American people, for the greater good, as seen time and time again, will always prevail.

For those that are not Americans, I implore everyone to take a closer look at America. While I do not claim to believe that everyone has a negative view of America, I know that some do. Always remember that America has always been a country of its people rather than its government, and I hope that everyone who looks at America sees the people before the government. I do not want people to view America as a group of people who are power-hungry or greedy (even though I think that this view is skewed by many around the world). The overwhelming majority of us just want to live our lives in peace and prosperity which are the most basic wishes of all humans who are good. I have promised myself, today, that I will no longer look at countries that "hate" us with such disgust as I have in the past. It gets me nowhere.

America, to me, is made up of some of the most amazing ideas coming together from some of the greatest thinkers in history. America has always been a place of generosity and freedom and even in the time of uncertainty, these two values remain. I feel that if I had to describe America in one would be "potential." America provides people with the potential to succeed, to choose their path, to do what they want to do. This potential is not only given to the people who inherit it at birth, but also those who travel to this great country.

Thank you to all the members of armed forces both home and abroad who protect this freedom and potential to be great.

Happy Independence Day to all!

p.s. sorry for the book!

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