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1) paying for TOR is like buying 8+ games at once. So at 240 per year it's actually a bargain.

i disagree with this one, you may be on to something in terms of playing time, but there's no new game excitement, it's always more of the same and not specially exciting

2) Well you'll be happy to learn that TOR is supposedly going away from the "kill 10 rats" quests. There shouldn't be any quests that don't feel heroic.

3) According to BioWare they have made MANY statements that this is a STORY DRIVEN MMO. So this one is not a reason not to play TOR(as of yet. who knows if it will pan out).

still have to wait and see how that will work out,character development plus major story points unfolding in the background????? is it possible???

4) Jedi fashion would not be expected to change much. I mean they're like monks. As far as I've seen, monks still have the same clothing style as a long time ago. But as for technology.. well I kinda agree with ya. But things like the Jawa Sand Crawler, I wouldn't expect to change much. But I did see a speederbike that looks pretty close to the ROTJ speederbike, and THAT I could see being changed. Then again, maybe the technology has plateaued. Coordinating design changes between millions of suppliers on millions of worlds takes a lot of effort. If there's one thing I have noticed, it's that the bigger a supply chain gets, the harder it is to get a design changed.

agreed, Kotor was essentially in equal level of tecnology with the movies and although i've seen that as very wrong never stopped me from enjoying it

No TOR for me... I heard it was the WOW type of combat system.

FPS combat or nothing!

i'm on the same boat here
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