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Hi all, just new to forums, loved this game, my favourite SW game before was Jedi outcast, it is still brilliant but ive come to love this game and what it essentially is. My question is: Why is it no one has ever made a game based on Luke skyalkers exploits? i mean, if yu combine the technology from the force unleashed, haden blackman and some cool art design, you could design the ultimate luke fan game:- ranging from the battle of hoth(hinted at in sith edition) to the duel with vader in bespin-some levels inspired by Shadow of the Empire concerning luke, the han solo rescue would just be phenomenal with luke cutting up jabbas army into pieces and throwing them into the sarlacc, jumping from skif to skif until all of jabba men are dead meat. Even the battle of endor, taking down those scouts on the bikes culminating with the battle with vader to save his soul. I mean...why has no one thought of this??? and i dont like the reasoning that its been done before...yeah on the snes...not looking good on HD with the graphics from force unleashed!!! call it "Star Wars the force Unleashed: Lukes Chronicle" or something like that and i guraantee it will sell. What does everyone think? to see luke kick jedi ass like a real bad ass jedi knight??? to play him when your kiking ass with the force????
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