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((@Holty: You're in the cabin with everyone else, not outside on the deck. Not to be rude or anything, but please pay attention to what's going on))

Alvaro simply looked at Nathaniel after he suggested to drop by his friend's house.

"That simply won't be needed at present. Maybe after we find most of the map, but remember that if it was made by the Atlanteans, I have my doubts anyone can translate it, unless of course the map has been translated by someone else." Alvaro did have to admit, however, that is was rather unlikely any of the map was translated. On the other hand, Alvaro had heard rumors of an English translation of the map - much to his annoyance, wishing that someone had put it in his native language of Portugese - though whoever had done it was probably dead by now.

"And what I said about the artifact is what I know. It simply grants the owner near-immortality. Nothing more, nothing less. I also happen to have a rival that's trying to get the amulet himself. From what I've gathered, he probably has or is very close to getting one of the maps. However, I know something he doesn't know - I know where one of the gems is." Alvaro paused, allowing that fact to sink in.

"There is one problem with that, however. The person who owns it is a French privateer. I have met him in combat before, and he cost me my old crew," Alvaro paused again, remembering that brutal skirmish. Given, his old crew was technically MIA, but he wasn't putting his chances on them living. "I have however, inflicted some damge on his crew and his ship. He's good anough that we might not win even now, but we may just have a chance. If we don't win, we'll have to gamble on getting captured and imprisoned, but at least we'll still have a chance for the gem."

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