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Originally Posted by Roller123 View Post
Guy has one post and is banned. Mods are really sensitive about Kreia stuff, no?
If you're serious, you may want to know that member might be an alternate acct. for someone who was banned.

If you're jesting, lol.

PS I very much like Kreia.
Them old ladies certainly know a thing or two from experience, don't they?

Originally Posted by Kira_Tsukasa View Post
I agree with pretty much everything people have already mentioned. But I have a few other ideas.

Kotor1: More benefits from using other characters, aside from story points. I mean, you can basically cruise through the game with Bastila/Jolee and Juhani. And Mission calling Zalbaar "Big Z" all the time sounds kinda creepy.
I agree with you about the increased benefits of non jedi characters.

Never thought anything of Mission's nickname for Zaalbar. Guess I never thought about it all that much?

Though I was a bit of WTF that the soldier class didn't get combat specialist feats and almost all the other classes did in TSL.

Kotor2: Expand on the "healing" your Force powers plot. For example, travel to different places with Force strong areas (like the cave Luke went into on Dagobah) or visiting alternate Force using groups, such as the Baran-Do Sages or the Witches on Dathomir.
Yeah, I agree here though maybe have different ideas how one could go about implementation of this into the story.

Also, more tie-ins with Kotor1. You get T3-M4 and HK-47, and you see that Carth is still kicking, but what happened to Juhani and Jolee and Mission and Zalbaar and, heck, what is Revan doing while the Jedi are being hunted down by Sith Lords?
Not sure I necessarily agree here. I'm afraid Juhani and Jolee met their fate against Nihilus. Not sure what happened with Mission and Zaalbar, however Freyyer's double war blade is to be found in-game, and also a rare item you can uncover is in the game Called Vao's band. In the item description it has inscribed on it "For M. Vao --Z" so you have some very minor references at least. I would guess, Mission's skill and service history would get her some kind of favor with the Republic as perhaps an agent or something. Zaalbar, probably either her sidekick or went home to Kashyyk to his father and their wookiee tribe.

Revan? He was so far away he probably wouldn't have gotten the news, and even if he did, it probably would still have been secondary to what he was facing beyond the outer rim. (Or worse, he may have been a tool for the Sith the entire time). He had isolated himself away. Sure the Ebon Hawk may have been sent on its way and seen battle when The Jedi Exile came along but nobody knows what happened to Revan, that's the point. Revan being stranded one way or another or realizing there was no return might have sent the EH away or he could have gotten the news and decided the current threat was worse and needed to be pursued.

You'd think he'd go "That's not right, yo" and start kicking Sith butt again.
Who knows? Maybe Revan remembered The Exile on his way to the outer regions and saw a connection to the sith lords to take Malak's place, and that only she, the Exile could fight them...

Both: More to do with the naturally dark side characters, like Canderous and HK-47. There's really no point in doing anything with them except for Hanharr in Kotor2, but that's minimal at best. HK-47 hints at content that was cut when he mentions finding the HK-50 factory so I guess there WAS more to those characters. I'd really like to know why Obsidian absolutely HAD to rush the game out and why Bioware even handed off one of their best games for someone else to basically ruin.
Ok, for the umpteenth time: IT WAS LUCASARTS' DECISION to rush out the game in time for the 2004 christmas season and to bolster income for the May 2005 release of ROTS. It had little to do with Obsidian: they were given 12 months to develop TSL where Bioware had 36 months--that's not conjecture or excuse, the time-lines for their releases even line up as evidence for it. Bioware had 3 years and released it in '03, TSL was released about 1 year later. There was going to be work on a K3, but that got canceled.

<snip>I would have liked to see different Force powers, maybe even countering powers. Personally, I liked Force Absorb and Force Destruction from the original Jedi Knight and the Mysteries of the Sith expansion. And by countering powers, I mean like what Yoda did in Attack of the Clones when he caught Dooku's lightning and threw it back at him.
Here here.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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