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One of the crewmemhers rushed into the cabin without nocking. " Sir, three English sloops twelve guns on each, closing in fast!"

Blaze ran outside of the cabin and up to the helm where the pilot maneuvered the vessel as best he could. The ships were closing in fast. However, since Blaze was by far one of the most senior crew members on the ship next to maybe Nathaniel and Alvaro though he knew next to nothing about him, he could tell that one was indeed a twelve gunned sloop. The two other ships were a sixteen gunned lugger and an eighteen gunned schooner, obviously the flagship. Dawn was approaching, so they had to work fast. Blaze rushed back down to the cabin where he found Clarke, Hawk, Muerta, Dias, and the crewmember. "He's right, three light ships closing in. We are out-sailed and outgunned! We need to get all thirty-five of our small crew to the guns!

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