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^^^Watch the TOR timelines videos. The part about the master and the apprentice that went to Sadow's tomb. It'll make your skin crawl.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
It was not that old when I wrote it...
Yeah, yeah.
Might have been that the Sith Emperor had come across another old Rakattan computer with functional databanks that told of what the Star Forge was(the Infinite Empire stretched across the Galaxy). Then sent Revan and Malak to find it. There's no telling WHY he would not have sought it out for himself, but knowing that it drained the power of the user could have been the motivating factor. From what I read, Sith do not like to give up power.
That would be the simplest and most likely way. Time will only tell, though.

It would had to have held history including the plague and how the rakatans were no longer capable of breeding force sensitives.

He could have deduced that the reason for that was due to the use of the star forge. This is what I always thought given all the hints in K1, Bastila's holocron recording in K2 (revan darkside scenario). Which makes sense, really.

Otherwise we're back to an overconfident idiot of an ancient emperor trusting lackeys. However, if the call of these sith for Revan was the call of home, well.....who knows?

BTW I don't think Sadow ever uncovered the Star Forge.

I see Kreia's contradiction for what it was: "revan met no sith empire" but in the next breath telling the Exile "the sith is a belief and it rules elsewhere" was merely her attempting to lure Exile in Revan's direction one last time. She lied in half truths, but she had to have known more that she let on considering jedi and sith hold some of their secrets to the grave (I.E. Zez Kai Ell not breaking his silence, Nor Kavar...though Vrook Lamar was just being a stubborn old arse). She knew how to hide herself from jedi, even masters...Jedi and Sith both probably all knew how to wipe and reprogram (and who knows what else) the minds of others. Sith and Jedi knew how to morph themselves appearance-wise as well. All I'm getting at is that any number of things may be the case and we have knowledge of their means. So I guess my initial upset was unfounded.

We will see in time.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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