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Linux compiling - JA SDK

My friend is working on a mod for me and he got it working and compiled for Windows. Problem is he can't get the .so file working for linux. Which is what I use for server hosting.

Error that comes up when I host the .so file on the linux server. Straight out of my qconsole.log
Sys_LoadDll(/home/xxxxxxxx/ja/xxxxx/ failed: "/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.7' not found (required by /home/xxxxxxxx/ja/xxxxx/"
Sys_LoadDll(./linuxjampded-xxxxxxxx/ja/xxxxx/ failed: "./linuxjampded-xxxxxxxx/ja/xxxxx/ cannot open shared object file: Not a directory"
He is using Ubuntu 10.04 to compile the .so file. He is using a present make file right off lucasforums if I am not mistaken. He is doing cd codemp/game then make to get it to compile the code for .so file. I am by no means a coder for the jk game series, so if anyone could instruct me on this so I can let him know what he needs to do I would really appreciate it. Thank you

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