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Thanks very much for the interest, guys! And to Haggis for recommending Snakes so strongly after playing a rough (and a very rough) version!

Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
AscovEl: what's with the name? Is it revealed in the game or can you tell us about the name now?
Why do you ask about the name? It's a very fine name I think.

Seriously, I can tell a bit about the game's plot and its style if you wish, but I don't want to reveal the meaning of the title, of the fish, or any other strange things happening, because that would spoil the playing experience later.

Originally Posted by Gabez
It does look interesting. A strong atmosphere -- and the whole thing is fully voiced?
No, it's not fully voiced. While professional voice-overs add a lot of value, they neither bring new players to a game, nor it is easy to do them. We're working on Snakes for free, in our spare time, and it's an audio-visually dynamic game - there just wasn't much point in doing the voice-overs.

If the game proves to be popular, I will definitely consider preparing a voice pack for it someday, but in the meantime I want to go back working on other games and stuff of mine asap.

I hope it doesn't sound like the game will be still rough around the edges though. We're currently investing a lot of the just to have the game polished and all the dialogs/interactions meaningful and fun. The trailer itself is based on the early version that Haggis played and there will be noticeable differences in the final. Here's the updated bar interior for example:

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