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Niera immediately stopped the Miraluka woman in her tracks. "Hold on a moment. I checked the ship's manifest, and there's no mention of a 'Visas Marr'. You don't look like a member of the crew, and if the Republic had hired you for this job, we'd have met already. I should report you to the Captain!" She told her, before moving to whisper something in her ear. "But you've impressed me. There's room in my quarters if you need to hide from security."


"If Trillium Metallurgy is innocent, then it's likely her family doesn't know. If not, this is way bigger than Plina Skelch. I can't trust Xian Li implicitly, so I can't rule them out; if he lied to me, the implications could be massive. We'll need shipping schedules from all three companies if we want to catch Plina in the act." Garren transmitted back to Carth, speeding towards his first stop: the head office of Miracle Metals.

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