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((Moving it along.))

"I reallly don't mean to bother you two but that mobile suit with the higher power levels is approaching quickly. I want you two to go on ahead and meet up with Phyxius and Hydra. I'll stay behind and take care of the battle suits. I trust that you two can deal with any enemy battle suits you encounter?"

"Oh, yes, we can deal with what ever is in here," Zhao said, dispatching another mech with his MGs. He then decided to switch his weapon to his energy pike - it was much less bulky then holding two MGs. Zhao then used the pike to impale another mech.

"Oh, and Katsu, good luck out there." Zhao wondered why he was all of a sudden wishing another person good luck. He had never cared much for people, and yet here he was hoping another human lived. They must be growing on me, Zhao thought of his crew members. Only natural I suppose.

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