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I'm not saying there there isn't any connection to the Arthurian Avalon whatsoever, but don't get your hopes high either. Overall, the game is mix of a barfly's day-to-day existence with a Htichcock like suspense/murder story (think of The Lady Vanishes, Shadow of Doubt etc). Of course the broken mind of a drunk point of view gives it all a bit of a David Cronenberg flavor.

If you did want a voice actor for your game, let me know though! Now that I've got a microphone I can do stuff like that.
To be honest I want to do full voice-overs for Frantic Franko later this year, so I might call on you then. It's just that I can't do this for every single freeware game. But I'm very happy there are actually people who want to lend their voices. Justin Franklin (Guybrush/LeChuck from MISP) is doing the voice of Franko and is in the trailer of Snakes too.

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