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So SW fleets DID employ nuclear missiles. Well this makes arguing so much easier then. Im sure you know the first thing George Lucas said at the very first press conference about Starwars. Seriously, who wants an Executor be destroyed by a single fighter like Ebon Hawk, just like that. The Executor was designed to be cool, not survivable. It dies then the writer decides. The way it was destroyed in Ep6 was ridiculous. Nothing in the movies suggests the Executor would survive a missile attack. It doesnt even have an antimissile protection. At least the Ep4 Deathstar doesnt, else all those fighters would be toast.

1 Ebon Hawk + 1 missile = one dead Executor, shield or no shield. with such a huge detonation radius, the EB wouldnt even need to go close range. Hyperjump, lauch bomb, hyperjump away and target is dead. Futuristic wars will be so entertaining. :up:
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