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Too outrageous for me to not argue, sadly

Originally Posted by ForeverNight
Executor is the most powerful ship in the galaxy (Exception: Death Star) in its time frame, period.
I don't mean to nitpick, but the Eclipse is arguably at least as powerful, not counting its superlaser.

Originally Posted by Roller123 View Post
So SW fleets DID employ nuclear missiles.
The only notable use of nukes in canon was by Mandalorians circa 4,000 BBY, which they used to destroy cities on poorly-defended planets. Destruction of cities can easily be accomplished with turbolaser bombardment.

The Executor was designed to be cool, not survivable. It dies then the writer decides.
Since when is this a discussion about how the plot was written, and not about the capability of the starships being discussed?

The way it was destroyed in Ep6 was ridiculous.
How's that? It lost its shields after the rebel fleet beat the **** out of it (you may have missed this, but at some point during the Battle of Endor, Ackbar is heard saying "Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer), and the loss of its bridge caused it to lose control of navigation.

Nothing in the movies suggests the Executor would survive a missile attack.
Except common sense. Besides, we don't have only the movies at our disposal.

It doesnt even have an antimissile protection.
Since ****ing when? Executor's canon stats (source: "Starship Battles Preview 1 on") include 500 point-defense laser cannons.

At least the Ep4 Deathstar doesnt, else all those fighters would be toast.
As detailed in the movie, its defenses were designed against large fleets of heavy capital ships, which is the only method a person without the plans to the thing would think of to attack the thing with. Besides, since the first Death Star carried 7,000 TIEs, it frankly doesn't need fast-targeting guns. The only reason the 30 Rebels in ANH stood a chance was Tarkin's hubris, such that he thought launching an overwhelming number of fighters was unnecessary to prevent them from causing any real damage.

1 Ebon Hawk + 1 missile = one dead Executor, shield or no shield. with such a huge detonation radius, the EB wouldnt even need to go close range. Hyperjump, lauch bomb, hyperjump away and target is dead. Futuristic wars will be so entertaining.
I would suggest you reread ForeverNight's post. Furthermore, this ridiculous position of yours is indirectly addressed by the writings of some guy at this web page here, who did detailed analysis on the firepower used in Star Wars energy weaponry (much of it, in fact, is concluded based on what we see in the movies). It's a lot of scientific stuff that frankly goes over my head, and even though I'm sure you have enough time on your hands to read it, you don't need to; suffice to say, turbolasers are really ****ing powerful, therefore shields that are built to withstand them are also really ****ing powerful. As such, there is sufficient reason nuclear bombs are not really used much in Star Wars.

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