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((Just so you know, Juhani's saber wasn't ignited. And she didn't interfere with Visas's capture, she was angry at the twi'lek not the captain.))

"I fought side by side with Jedi in two wars, And I don't know what either of you are, but you are most certainly not Jedi."

Juhani growled deep under her breath and followed the captain as she returned the saber to her belt but not before turning around and addressing her apprentice.

"Think you before you draw your sabers next time." She said slowly. "I did not interfere with Visas's capture so the captain may listen to me. But in the meantime...keep an eye on the twi'lek. I don't trust her."

She hurried after the Captain and made sure that her lightsaber was securly secured to her belt.

"First of all Captain, you have no idea what the jedi have been through. There are barely a hundred of us left in the galaxy right now and I will be the first to admit that the Jedi order has changed, and maybe not for the better. We are not the same jedi you fought with in the wars. And second...I apologize for my apprentice's behavior. She had no right to draw her sabers against you."

She made sure she did not appear threatning but she didn't want to appear soft either.

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