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((My apologies - I read that she pulled her saber, but must have misunderstood xD And thank you, Tysy))

"Nor did you have a right to try and hide the presence of a stowaway from my knowledge." Fara snapped. She wasn't a Jedi, so as far as she was concerned, she was entitled to as much righteous anger as she wanted. "I feel for the loss of your comrades, Master Jedi, but that cannot be used as an excuse here."

The captain was finished with talking to the Jedi - but they, apparently, were not finished with her. Just as the Miraluka was being put into a cell and just as Fara was moving to follow her, the apprentice barred her way. Fara's lips pressed together into a straight line as she looked down at the kneeling Jedi. Her face made no show of any other emotion but annoyance and a twinge of anger.

"No, you're not." She told her cooly, "And for all of this, I should drop you. If you were one of my crewmen, you would be court martialed and dicharged almost immediately." Her expression changed slightly, but it did not become any friendlier. "But as it is, your presence is a strategic neccessity - but know that if you act out again, even that will not be enough to save you." She stepped around the woman and proceeded to the stowaway's cell. "Now get out of my sight."

With both Jedi dealt with in the captain's eyes, she proceeded to stand in front of the forcefield that shut off the Miraluka's cell. Everything in the room - including the woman herself - carried a blue tint to it. "Perhaps now you'll have a chance to answer my questions. Most pertinent, I think, is your name."
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