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((NOTE: Now would be the perfect time for the Millennial Mole to find Perdante and make slow inroads toward reaching her--to soothe her wounded pride, first off. It is no accident that Perdante Dareva is akin to Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith!))


"Aye, aye," Perdante replied quickly, fleeing away from the Captain, Visas Marr, and the brig. She knew full well what she had done wrong, but what if Captain Starr had been planning on attacking Visas Marr, the accused stowaway who was now locked in a cold, dark cell in the brig on the Millennial's lower level? No matter. She had made her mistake, and now she would pay for it by facing the Captain's distrust and scorn, perhaps for the rest of the mission...Everything was going wrong. What an utter mess!

She suddenly felt in the mood for a cold, stiff drink of juma juice. Finding nothing in the cold storage refrigeration unit but water, however, she settled for that. Sitting down in one of the metal chairs, she slumped her head down on the table. She wasn't going to cry--Jedi were supposed to be long past feeling such emotions. Instead, she just let herself breathe for a moment.
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