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"My name is Visas Marr, Captain Starr. I am familiar with your name, I am a former Jedi and so I used to be in contact with Admiral Carth Onasi. He often sought my presence for word of the Exile and Revan, since they both vanished into the Unknown Regions of space", Visas stated and then sat down on the cold metal bed of the brig.

"I shall save you your breath and answer the most pertinent question at this time, why I am here? You see, for the past years the visions I had of the Exile began getting more scarce, and with that I started to feel her presence fading further and further. Having my life sworn to her, I decided to investigate on my own about her whereabouts. I heard from your mission from Admiral Onasi, he suggested I left the business alone. But I could not. I had to make sure I was able to gather as much clues of her whereabouts as fast as possible. You are going after Kristoff of the Found, well I need answers from him as well. He is the one link I have right now to the fate of the exile and Revan. I did not want to miss such opportunity and for that I stowed away on your ship. I apologize for my actions, and will not oppose resistance to the punishment you intend to place on me for this. But I ask you, of your good will, if you would allow me the chance to speak to this Kristoff if you find him", Visas explained, she hoped this would answer most of the questions that the Captain might have.

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