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Originally Posted by Roller123 View Post
These are not real ships... i hope everyone understands that and we stop using arguments such as:
Sorry, but if you're going to debate about the Star Wars canon... You're going to have to accept canon sources as legitimate evidence to cite.

Interesting article, thanks. That guy is looking at a picture which was designed to look cool, and analizes it, ok .. But then he just assumes multiple numbers being same as on Earth/current knowledge (for example asteroid density, and laser influence on them) and mixes it with some magic laserZ. Can stop reading right here. Its even less than making numbers out of the thin air, its just rubbish.
It isn't rubbish, the guy's a ****ing engineer. He knows what he's talking about, and he uses (for example) the strength of earth materials as a tool to estimate a lower limit (do you mean to tell me that starships in Star Wars are made of materials weaker than what is here on Earth?). If you'd like to tell me how he's actually wrong instead of just dismissing it for being too complicated, let me know.

Ok i say the Ebon Hawk uses X-material as structure and GigaLaser to shoot things. X-material is able to withstand any shot from Starwars universe. GigaLaser is able to penetrate shields and hull of any Starwars vessel. Therefore Calo Nord is able to destroy The Executor singlehandely. How are you gonna dispute that. You cant. Because everything is made up. The only known common ground to compare is reality (and here im doing nothing different than that article guy, borrowing numbers from reality to make some ridiculous "analysis" ).
Yes, you are doing something completely different, because he's using actual science that we know of in order to form a hypothesis, while you're just goofing around without actually looking at it.

And reality states that a nuke is gonna destroy the Executor. And nothing so far suggests otherwise short of wild imagination.
Read above, plz. We aren't arguing about reality.

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