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Originally Posted by Demongo View Post
If someone didn't know, the Executor is Vader's personal Super Star Destroyer
And it is big..........very big:
Show spoiler

So can you find any Cruiser/ Star Destroyer from the Kotor era that could destroy it?
Of course if an entire fllet would attack it at once it would be destroyed, but I am thinking of a one on one "combat"
So let's clarify things first:
Both ships are working at 100% capacity, without ANY damages. They don't have any aid, except the fighters they can carry inside the Hangar. We are in deep space, no planet/space station/asteroid field is near. So? What do you think? Is it possible to destroy it or not?

EDIT: Oh I don't know what happened to the title. Sorry I meant "Executor vs. any other ship from the KotOR era"
Haha, an A-wing took down the Executor by crashing into the bridge after the shield generators were destroyed, but the ship would destroy any ship of capital size.

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