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Originally Posted by ForeverNight View Post
Thanks for those posts TKA, gonna have to read over that article now.

Basically, just accept it, Nukes aren't all powerful. If we assume that a Proton Torpedo has an average yield of ~10 megatons (Models vary from the Kiloton to Gigaton range, so I just took a number out of the air) and we know that it takes hundreds of proton torpedoes to take down the shields of the Lusankya. So, we can theorize that it takes the equivalent of 1000 megatons OR MORE to lower the shields of an SSD.
Given the level of technical advancement in the Star Wars univierse, personally I'd assume that a Nuclear Weapon would not be effective against the Executor or other Star Wars ships considering that in Universe by the time of the Films they had been space travelling for 20,000 standard years, they are well beyond our own current technical advancement. All that is to say, it would be my opinion in Universe that a nuclear weapon would be about as effective as throwing a rock at a tank....

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