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I'd buy that for a dollar
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Funny how many of us get news from yahoo. I contemplated posting this myself.

You know, I saw one as a lad myself, ironically right after watching back to the future 1, 2, and 3.

Then when I was old enough they didn't make them anymore. Didn't even get my license till after graduating high school but by then they had long stopped.

I either want one of these or a turbo injection racing Subaru.

Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
They are actually re-starting building those Deloreans. If my new job pays good, I might go visit a friend of mine who runs a garage and import one.

Epic, epic movie. Which reminds me to buy the DVD box asap, together with the LOTR box. *runs for the DVD store*
The outtakes for the first movie are pretty funny. Especially the intentional spinoff of deleted scene "she's cheating".

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Yeah, I remember my friend telling me about it and then correcting him.

Also, one of my goals in life is to one day own my very own DeLorean
Start saving your money *now* and you might be able to get one in 20 years if they still make 'em anymore.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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