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Originally Posted by bgbennyboy View Post
I've put together a package to automate the decoding of the MI2 music.
Instructions are in the readme but the process is basically this:
  • Drag and drop an .xwb file onto the file named DECODEAUDIO
  • It'll take a long time to complete, the new files will be in the "Decoded" folder.
  • I've only tested it with MusicNew.xwb as my brain is fried, but I assume it'll work for some of the others.
  • See the readme for more information.
Download it here.
Thanks SOOOO much for this. I feel like I'm 12 years old again when listening to all the tunes

One short hint: The conversion takes so long because of all those verbose message lines. So if you want to save many hours, you can just disable them by adding a "-v 0" to the command in the batch file so that it looks like this:

..\unxwb.exe -r "..\ffmpeg.exe -v 0 -i #FILE ..\Decoded\#FILE"

Again, many thanks!
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