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Arai's attention snapped back to the sea and for a moment she felt almost sick. "What the Force was that?" she murmured. But she didn't have to be told; she knew almost immediately that she had just shared a vision of the past with an old friend. And that meant he was close. The nausea was simply a side-effect of the fact that he had somehow rejected the Force. Ostanovium was her best guess.

She glanced down at the data chip in her fingers. Then, with a disgusted face, she pitched it into the sea below and spun to enter the cantina behind her. So far, every path she'd followed for information on what she now referred to as the "metal of death" had been a dead end. Even the so-called "supplier" of the metal had turned out to know far less than he'd thought he did. Another waste of time.

Just as she crossed the threshold into the cantina, her right shoulder brushed against someone else entering the same cantina. With that faint contact came a vivid image of a young boy with bright green eyes and messy blond hair... Arai lurched a bit ungracefully to her left and stared at him, more than a little shocked.

"Dom," she breathed. Then, she grinned from ear to ear. They'd shared a vision of the past; she knew from that connection that he was here. So why was running into him here such a surprise? And this time, they were both standing, making it just that much easier to slip back into their younger roles as Arai instinctively embraced her old friend.

"Two chance run-ins in as many days, Tinker?" she said, poking his side playfully. "A third time and I'll really start to wonder if you're following me."

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