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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
If they must go wheel-style word-based choices, I hope they take Human Revolution's idea of blending both word-based and full-sentence options.
Indeed, the "what you pick is what you say" and "fully voiced protagonist" dialog features are not mutually exclusive in any way. For example the Deus Ex games both had full Voice over for the protagonist and showed you what Denton would say in the list of response options. This is the variant I personally prefer since you don't get any silly dialog surprises like in Mass Effect and it's easier to relate to a character who actively takes part in the conversation and not just stands there nodding.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Is there any word on when DA2 is set? Hawke is apparently a Blight survivor, but which one? The one in DA1 (the 4th) or some other one? I kind of got the impression from the initial info and the whole "spans a decade" thing that it might be a prequel.
It has to be the 5th Blight, the one you deal with in ÐA:Origins (the 4th was the one ended by the dalish Grey Warden Garahel 4 centuries earlier). Since the game is still called Ðragon Age, each Age in the Chantry calendar is a century long, and there is a few centuries between each Blight where the Darkspawn rebuild their numbers and find the next Archdemon.

It's also the only one that would make sense if your character's actions in ÐA:Origins will have some consequences in ÐA2, which one of the developers claimed.

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